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Drum Circles

Drum Circles are a great way to bring people together. We provide the equipment, you provide the chairs and the space.  There are many types of drum circles depending on the population. We specialize in facilitated circles for Families, Schools and Adults with Developmental Disabilities. 


Circles are designed with drums and other percussion instruments. A full orchestra of fun!

School Drum Circles

Facilitated drum circles help children express themselves using fast paced games. Each school is unique. This is why we custom design the circles to meet your needs and goals. What are you working on? This can be inserted into the games we play. We provide the instruments and facilitator, you provide the space and chairs.  Get a quote!


Birthday Parties/Special Family Event

Whether it's a child's birthday or an adult, everyone has fun when they're in the circle. We custom design the circle to fit your theme. Birthday parties are a great way to bring parents and children together for fun. Even small children have found participating with a parent or guardians guidance.  Get a quote!


Company Drum Circles

Looking for a different team building activity? Maybe having a corporate retreat? 

Here's what one board member said, "Carol did in 30 minutes what we have been trying to do all weekend". 

That's one way to get big returns on your investment. Get a quote!


Adult Day Care Facilities

We custom design circles for adults with developmental disabilities. Our circles help with listening, memory, communication and social skills.

All while having a great time. Circles for this population are 45 minutes and include recorded music.  Get a quote!

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