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  Carol Richards
   Owner and Chief Rabble Rouser
    Self Care Coach, Rhythm and Movement Facilitator, Sound Therapist, Esthetician.

    "I do the studying and get the certifications so you can get honest answers."

Drumming is one way we can take care of ourselves.
The Drum helps us speak when we have no voice. The drum is a tool to access our feelings and express them. Drum Circles help us communicate by actively listening.

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Drumming for health,
Drumming for fun,
Drumming for self.



"What a wonderful program!
Carol was marvelous teaching rhythm and stress reduction all at once."

 - Drum Circle participant

Carol leading a drum circle

You don't need experience to enjoy the experience. 
The drum becomes your way to express yourself


Self Care and Complimentary Therapies

Taking your health into you own hands is the greatest gift you can give  your self. Knowing and understanding your own body is crucial to being healthy. We have been brought up to believe television commercials selling food and drugs by using slick marketing campaigns. We are being taught not to listen to our bodies but to disregard our natural born instincts and instead "just take a pill"  I suffered most of my life with gut pain. Doctors said things like, "Don't eat gassy foods, like pickles". No one ever thought that there might be a direct connection to gut health and food sensitivities. You  see, it's not really your doctors fault. They do not study this in medical school. They only see allergies and defienciecies. If the test comes back negative, that's that. Except there are doctors who are studying these things. "You are what you eat", has never been more true but it goes further. You are what you eat, drink, smoke, how you talk to yourself, activities such as movement and exercise, social interactions and purpose. It's time for you to love you and take care of the gift you were given. Your body!

Nutrition Coaching

Tired of diet programs that make big promises but don't deliver?

Confused by all the food commercials that make it seem all foods are good for you?

Are you ready to find out what your body needs for calories and opposed to guessing?  

It took me years to finally get the honest answers and now I'm going to share them with you?

About Me

I started my journey with movement, dance to be exact. Like many little girls I was enrolled in dance class. Not for the art form but because I had weak ankles and the doctor suggested it. In high school I became interested in make-up and skin care, which led me to get a license as an Esthetician. Later, after tumultuous relationships a friend introduced me to Reiki. She was an amazing practitioner and admitted she never had an experience with anyone else that was so energetic. I was starting to understand that there were other options out there to explore. When looking into a new (to me) modality of self care I usually try to go to the source. When I studied Qigong and Tai Chi, I studied with a Master from China. When I studied Reiki I studied with someone whose lineage goes back to Japan. I decided it was time to help others through my own experiences. I may be able to save you time and money by giving you my opinions minus the marketing. Here is the list of what I have studied (so far) ...

Esthetician, Nutrition Coaching, Sound Therapy, Reiki/Shinpiden, Aromatherapy, TFT/Tapping, Health Rhythms, Frame Drumming, Drum Cycle Facilitation, Yoga Nidra, Group Fitness Instructor, Baleka Method, Ballroom Instructor, Qigong, Tai Chi, Water Imprints, Cannabis Coach, Science of Happiness, Direct Support Professional, Behavioral Technician. 

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